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Words Of A Non-Seeker, About That

The days go by, but there are no days.
Life occurs, and we think we make it happen.
Without us, would life happen? Of course it would. But the self revolts.
It – the self – seems to be the center of its own universe. Till the self collapses, into its own figment, taking the universe with it.
It knows nothing but self-preoccupation.
It knows nothing but the movement of more, of betterment, of next.
But movement is not known in the still, great voice of Calm.
Stillness embraces movement, and movement stops, and we see, for just a second. Yet there is no time. There is only Oneness.
And the truth is that there is no always.
There is only what is.
No more can be said but That.
I hope you like the words. There is really nothing to say except to dance with words and say the same thing in a myriad of ways, trying to describe paradoxes and truths that do not fit into words fully.
Here’s a nice video:
Oneness Video

[youtube]542kB97m-8Y[/youtube] Just wanted to touch base. Have a good end of the week.

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