soul purpose

Ok, well I gave in to doing videos!  I’ve generally resisted talking on video, I’m a bit shy really.  But then again I’m a Gemini so I also loved doing this video today, even though I ummed and ummed a lot.  Ok, you can let me off, it was my first in a long time! 😉

I hadn’t intended to do a video – it was a strange day today for me, a challenge turning into a breakthrough, and then the video happened just like that, the thought was just suddenly there, I opened my laptop, didn’t get changed, no make up, no brushing of the hair and bam, it got done.  Sometimes the universe pushes you forward and before you know it, something’s moved forward.  That’s how it felt.  And usually the best way – not too much thinking to put a spanner in the works.

And definitely the Mars Retrograde having an effect I reckon.  Also I have been joining in with the collective meditation everyday and that, plus a general raising of vibrations is certainly bringing a lot of joy and awe at this point.  Something just feels different within.  It’s almost exhilarating.

I hope I’ll do more videos, as I have plenty to share, but I’ll be guided by my Higher Self – and since I’m a good lil girl, I shall endeavour to obey 😉

This video is about what we’re all doing here at this time in the adventure called ‘this mad game of being a human on planet Earth in 2020’ – the purpose for which we came (chose) to be here.

I hope you get something useful from it.

Love & Light

Reena Gagneja
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