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What is a Soul Plan Reading?

Soul Plan Reading is a method of analysing the sound vibration of your birth name in order to analyse your life’s purposes in this life. Here is a summary of key aspects and ideas behind of a Soul Plan Reading:

  • Soul Plan is a system of life purpose analysis and energy healing
  • Accesses the vibration in your birth name to determine your soul plan
  • Shows you your karma, talents, goals and Soul destiny in this lifetime
  • Reveals the journey you (at soul level) planned for this life before birth
  • You have one Soul Plan for this life, this will remain the same throughout your life even if you change your name (you may opt for an overlay reading if you adopt a new name, this will only add to your basic Soul Plan
  • A reading facilitates healing, brings empowerment, and creates breakthroughs for clients
  • The sound vibration of your name is put into the sacred language Hebrew, which is a phonetical language with 22 letters, each with an associated number.  These numbers are arranged on a star of David shape the reading
  • Readings via email or Skype.  Skype readings take 1 to 1.5 hours. PDF reading sent to you.

What is a Soul Plan?

Even before we talk more about Soul Plan Reading, you may be wondering what exactly is a soul plan, right!  Soul Plan, also called Soul Contract, is a pre-birth agreement (your life’s blueprint) that you at soul level planned prior to this birth.  This may be hard to believe and I too was very sceptical, but over 10 years of doing Soul Plan readings for clients, I naturally lost the scepticism due to the accuracy of the information I uncovered for each client and their own responses to it.

The plan you create before incarnating here is one that is for your highest good and for your evolution into higher consciousness.  There will be karmic challenges to overcome (balance) as well as talents to bring into the fore.  And then we have the goals in life – things that are planned to be accomplished, and the soul destiny which is your quintessence or who you are essentially.

You will hear of the concept of the soul’s contract spoken of by many different people and schools of thought, so it isn’t a concept reserved only for the Soul Plan system.

Knowing this plan in this life gives you a big advantage, a leg up so to speak, since most people really are not too conscious about exactly what they want in life. Often parental and societal conditioning take us onto a different path to what the soul has planned, in which case there is often a feeling of wasting life or meandering through it purposelessly.

Knowing your Soul Plan can enlighten the journey, and sweeten it through self-knowledge. It can provide clarity where there was confusion, and from a deep level support you along the way.  There is satisfaction in feeling (and knowing) we are ‘on track’ at a deep level.

What’s the Background to Soul Plan Reading?

Soul Plan is a system of life purpose analysis, guidance and energy healing.  It has its roots in and derives its main interpretations from the Ari Gra version of the Sefer Yetzirah, the Book of Creation.  It includes a gematria system of calculation that was probably passed onto Frank Alper, Spiritualist channel and founder of the Arizona Metaphysical Society by the Hebrew scholar Aryeh Kaplan or was otherwise channelled/created by Frank.  You can find out more about Frank Alper here.

What we know for certain is that Frank channelled 22 symbols that accompany the 22 letters and interpretations as described in the Sefer Yetzirah.

The system has been developed and modernised into a modern counselling and coaching tool by Blue Marsden. Blue has added further interpretations based on practical observation of thousands of clients, in conjunction with archive and anecdotal material provided by Katharina Alper (Frank’s life and teaching partner).

The work also benefits from research into Hebrew and Kaballah and new channelled/created material including titles for the 22 aspects/energies, soul messages, affirmations, belief identification and a method of energetic healing.

What Are the Benefits of a Soul Plan Reading?

When you have your Soul Plan Reading done, information goes in at a very deep level, so it’s possible that this facilitates clearing of blockages right from the point of the session and continuing afterwards.

What I really like about Soul Plan Readings is that you don’t need to keep on going back for more readings such as with tarot or psychic readings.  A Soul Plan Reading is evergreen and life-long.  I refer to my own Soul Plan frequently, and each time something becomes clearer and self-understanding deepens.

9 Benefits of a Soul Plan Reading

  1. See clearly your greatest challenges and how to overcome these
  2. Uncover your greatest strengths (work/career, creative, financial and spiritual talents)
  3. Align with your higher Soul Purpose
  4. Receive energetic activation and practical tools to heal and align your purpose
  5. Deeper sense of acceptance of past experiences and reveal your best future potential
  6. Gain a blueprint / guide for your journey
  7. Become clear about what your talents and gifts are
  8. Gain confidence about the future
  9. Increase your ability for self-acceptance, warts and all

How Do I Know My Soul Plan?

A Soul Plan Reading reveals your Soul Plan, this is provided in a PDF format for you to keep and refer to throughout life.  There are other ways to access your soul plan, but from feedback I’ve received from clients, the advantage of a Soul Plan Reading is the accuracy of information given and the deep healing it can facilitate.

Soul Plan Reading by Email

If you are unsure about a full reading by Skype why not take advantage of the briefer Soul Plan reading by email?  This provides all the fundamentals of your Soul Plan, but you get less interpretation and supportive info such as self-help remedies and ways to overcome the challenge aspects of your Soul Plan.  You can book by entering your full birth name in the box below.

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Soul Plan Reading by Skype

If you’re ready to opt for a Skype reading, please take advantage of a 30% discount: pay me just £60 (usual price £90) via gmail, my email is reenagagneja (@), and I will be in touch by email to arrange a time.  This discount is valid till 30th June 2020.

I look forward to sharing your soul plan with you.


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