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All being well, I should be attending the following Open Discussion with Tony Parsons and if you can go and wish to meet up, then give me a shout. I’ll be there with a friend or two, and the more the merrier (we can meet at Hamsptead tube):
At The Friends Meeting House, 120 Heath Street, Hampstead, LONDON, NW3
Saturday 6 October, from 2pm to 5pm
The cost is £10.00. Please pay at the door
Please arrive promptly for 2pm start

Here’s a video of Tony telling jokes. Now, if you don’t want to listen to the whole video, just scroll to 12.20 mins and you will hear a cracker!
Tony Parsons telling jokes

[youtube]c3p2ZB_MPF4[/youtube] On a more serious note, I was thinking today – as you do in this illusion 🙂 I was thinking about how it’s so hard to hear that the individual we never question is not real and that there is no purpose to all of this.
A few years ago, I was at a Gurdjieff class run by a colleague from the spiritual counselling course I was attending. At about class 6 we covered some material in which it was stated that unless we had developed our spiritual bodies, after death we would be nothing, just merge into nothing, we would be no more as us. Well, I had a right old strop, gave all the reasons why that was a load of crap and never went back to a class again! It’s so funny now when I look back.
But basically I think such tantrums are pretty normal – and even perhaps a prerequisite of the ‘me’ dying its death. We have sooo many reasons why the ‘me’ is – must be!! – real. We have sooo many reasons why there is absolutely a purpose to life. And therefore it’s no wonder that we get frustrated when we don’t ‘get’ the message such as that which Tony Parsons gives.
For me, one such ingrained belief about purpose has been reincarnation. I grew up with it in Hinduism and then all the new age teachings I ‘followed’ over the years pointed very much to the cycle of births and deaths. I even learnt past life regression in the counselling course. Come to think of it now, I recall one exercise we did within the past life module, where we were led by the person we were working with to go back to a past life and bring back some learning into this life, and when I tried it, I felt somewhat of a failure at one level lol since I couldn’t for the life of me find any memory of any past life, but what did happen, was an enormous outpouring of emotion and a deep sense of something beyond words.
On the other hand there are many experiences of people having been back to their past lives and recalled very specific details.
The truth is that if I am honest I can no longer say if past lives happen, and any belief in this is no longer there as it was before. It is more of a curiosity now.
And the even further truth to that is that the question of reincarnation, as well as other questions such as the existence of ETs, angels, heaven, hell, ascended beings and so on – they have lost the belief factor, and its now the idle curiosity factor that has taken over. There is no anchor or hook for these beliefs to cling to to keep them alive…
Do you get what ‘I’ mean?
Thanks for reading. And don’t forget, come along on the 8th if you are in or near London, it will be lovely to meet anyone who can.
Comments, as always, welcome.

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