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Tony Parsons will be speaking again on 3rd November 2012 in London and all being well, I should be going again, as the last one was interesting. I say all being well, as my Dad is having a major operation a few days before, but it is possible I think to go see him either before or after the talk if I do need to go on that Saturday.  So, it will be as before – meet in Starbucks across the road from Hampstead tube station. A couple of people who went last time have said they will be going again.

Here are the details:

at The Friends Meeting House,
120 Heath Street, Hampstead, LONDON, NW3
Saturday 3 November
from 2pm to 5pm
The cost is £10.00. Please pay at the door
Please arrive promptly for 2pm start

Website link to info about Tony’s talks: Click here.

I’m drawn to Tony because he is one of the few (actually I haven’t come across anyone else with exactly the same non-person message) whose message makes sense, logically and energetically, and he is not, as he says, selling anything, or trying make his message sound suitably ‘spiritual.’

Many other non-dual messages are trying to get people to achieve something, but in truth there is nothing that can be achieved – at least not by an individual attached to his identity. By ‘Grace’ though, yes. And this is not something you can do yourself. It’s a bummer for some people who seek it so dearly, but there it is. And such a desperate need for enlightenment is also Grace! In some ways, you could say it’s totally but wonderfully frustrating!

So, though we can’t make realization happen, I do feel however, much clearing can be done – not for the sake of making realization happen, but just because realization is unlikely to happen unless the decks are cleared or cleared to some extent.

A couple of videos about / of Tony:

Tony Parsons – Simplicity

Tony Parsons – Buddha at the Gas Pump

Hope to see you on 3rd Nov. Please text me if you wish to meet up (click the contact button to the right to get my no), even on the day itself. Let’s meet at Starbucks by 1.15 – 1.25pm. We’ll get to the venue about 20 mins before at least to get front seats. If I really can’t make it, I’ll post on this blog to let you know.

Comments, as always welcome.


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