Connected with posts I have published here before on Sungazing, I came across this article which I thought some readers may be interested in, so here is the link:

Sunlight Does Not Cause Skin Cancer

There is obviously a pattern to beliefs that the health industry would like people to take on board as gospel, even when these statements are un-supported by clear evidence. Sunlight causing cancer is one, sunscreens preventing cancer, fat being the culprit and not sugar (watch as we go forward, there is going to be more about how sugar is the evil, not fat), and another one is (imho) EMF and wireless radiation (I have no doubt that over time there will be more evidence of the harm these invisible rays cause).

I won’t go into detail about what the article says about sunlight and sunscreens, as you can read it at your leisure, however I’ll just suffice to say that a) the sun has been unfairly getting a rough ride from the health media by being blamed for cancer and b) suncream – well, just save your money.

Short and sweet post.

Wishing you health and sunshine.

Reena Gagneja
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