This post explains how you can submit a guest blog post to this site.  I encourage anyone to submit a post, not just those who have a marketing focus.  You may have thought about penning a few words and insights you have had on your own spiritual journey.  Well, now is your chance.  

Though it matters not the reason you are submitting a post idea, even for marketing purposes, as long as it adheres to these guidelines:

1)  Topics that will be accepted:

  1. Description or insights about the spiritual journey / awakening.  This can be your own awakening story, or general insights, but content must be original.
  2. Share insightful spiritual awakening / Self-realization teachings.  You must have permission or copyright to the material.
  3. A natural health tip with detail.

2)  Links – A post may contain a maximum of two links to a website you wish to promote (no dodgy sites like porn, gambling etc), plus one external link to an authority site, if desired.  Content must not be over-promotional, eg using keywords repeatedly.  The content must not exist solely exist to promote a third-party site, product, or service, but you may have one call to action at the end of the post where you can promote your offering.

3)  Content must be your own writing / unique.
4)  The author’s name must be stated.  All guest posts will be marked as such.
5)  One image must be sent with the post no larger than 500 x 400 pixels.
6) Articles must be at least 400 words, there is no fixed upper limit.

To submit a post idea, please send through brief details via the form below.   You will be informed within 5 working days if your idea has been accepted.  I reserve the right to decline any post idea.  

Once the post is written, please email it as a Word attachment to hello @ soulsavvi dot com (masked email).  Add as the subject line: BLOG POST CONTENT SUBMITTED.  Your post will be published within 5 working days of receipt of all required information. 

If you have any questions about the guidelines or anything related to submitting posts please ask in the comments or contact me via the form below.

Thank you for your interest.

Reena Gagneja
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