Blogs seem to have a life of their own.
Not so many moons ago, I experienced some spiritual experiences which provided the enthusiastic background impetus for this blog. I enjoyed writing about insights on spirituality and awakening. My passion for writing, previously alive, was re-ignited and I found a ‘home’, you could say. I relished having a forum where I could express myself. It was creativity, a spark of Truth as I had experienced It, shared through the written word online.
Then I ended up subscribing to mailing list after mailing list and started reading message after message – channelled messages for a large part. I enjoyed them, they spoke of things about to happen, and how things would be changing radically and sometimes gave dates. The dates came and went and not much changed in the outer world the way the messages said, but nonetheless I enjoyed the message within the messages so I continued to post them.
And soon, this blog became a ‘conspiracy theory blog’ or a ‘channelled message blog.’ This was all very well for a while. Many came to this site looking for such messages and I appreciated everyone who honoured this site with their input, silent, or shared via valuable self-expressed comments and emails.
But recently I’ve begun to feel tired of posting some regular channelled messages. From the point of view of the time factor, it has felt like chasing my tail to keep up with the ever increasing numbers coming into my inbox (of course I know I signed up for them so it’s not a complaint). From the point of view of the content, it has begun to feel like ‘same old, same old’ in many cases. From the point of view of my original intent with this blog for it to be for all, the intent has become somewhat lost. As such, it has begun to feel off-kilter.

There is a ‘danger’ with channelled messages. This is that they can become a crutch, a regular ‘fix’ of reassurances and answers, like a drug. And even though the actual message may be to ‘go within,’ the act of seeking out messages can become a habit that is a ‘go without;’ thus the process is rather mind-based (intellectual) with a disconnection to the heart level. Whilst I like to sometimes get into the intellectual debate as well, it does have its pitfalls – it ends up dividing people, with different sides and belief systems even within spiritual circles, one trying to convince the other. It can be too ego-based. I like to say: you can either be right or be happy, but not both.
You see, I want to get to know you, not just what you believe. I love it when people share from the heart, it takes courage to do so, and it warms my own heart each time. My personality is sensitive, a bit of a softy and very easily excitable : – ). In terms of that which is beyond personality – Essence, True Self, the Divinity Spark – that is what I wish to shine the light on more with this blog.
And so I have had a dilemma for a while – the dilemma of how to reconcile or integrate spiritual awakening on the one hand, and ‘new age stuff’ on the other. I feel the answer is individual and lies within one’s own self. It depends on you, on each of us, how present we are in this process. However, in posting so many channelled messages I do not feel I am helping the ‘going within process’, but rather the ‘going without process’ and also making this blog rather too specific.
So, to come to the actual point of this post, I just wanted to let you know that I may not be posting some messages that I have been thus far. I will simply go with the flow, post what calls to be posted and do what feels worthy of the time commitment at that moment. I hope you understand.
Comments, as always, welcome.
PS Also, please forgive my inundating your inbox with so many emails when I’m on a blogging roll, for some reason I have just not got a response from the support folk of my mailing list to find out how to make it a digest after many emails to them. I shall have to try again. I don’t take offense when people unsubscribe if you feel you need to. Or you can create a rule in Outlook and have them go direct into a folder. I know what inbox overwhelm is like!

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