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Awakening Group for Spiritual Seekers, South London

I think the path after an initial inner spiritual awakening is a uniquely challenging one, because of its nature – going beyond all that we know, or our ego, into a sense of oneness.  It is not a common path, nor one that we come across in the world, until it happens to us.  And then we look online which is a great source of information, though sometimes overwhelming or confusing.

There are Meetup groups for example across the globe, but it isn’t easy to find a group for those experiencing a spiritual awakening, as the number of people awakening out of ego and into oneness is still very small.  The information available online is also mostly focussed on the initial blissful throes of awakening, but not so much how one integrates after what we knew ourselves to be (a separate person with a separate identity) starts falling away.  Now, from our core, we are experiencing the world and ourselves differently to how others experience it.  We may feel emptiness, meaninglessness, a spiritual depression, or even a dark night of the Soul – these are all things that people in your life will give you their advice about, but this will not help, for you need kindred spirits who have also gone through an awakening.  This is about death (of ego) within life.  This is a huge event and a blessing in the wider scheme of things, and support is vital along the way.

The Group – Update

Hence in 2018 I put up the original blog post to start a local group in South London.  Now, in 2020 it’s a small group that attends every two weeks.  The aim is not to grow the group ‘as quickly as possible’, it’s not about numbers.

The group provides an anchor point to discuss whatever one needs to about the spiritual path. It’s a sacred space of non-judgment, growth, authenticity, honesty and friendship. The ‘teachings’ the group focusses on is primarily non-duality / Vedanta / Advaita.  Currently the format of the group is to read a spiritual passage and discuss at the next meeting.  Writings include Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Paul Brunton, others.  But there is no fixed agenda, it is very fluid.

Sometimes we will attend talks and events together whenever the will and feeling is there to do so.  For example last year, we attended Eckhart Tolle talk at the Royal Albert Hall, which was amazing.

The group currently meets in a local cafe, where we have found a small but quieter corner that can be reserved, this provides sofas and a more relaxed ambience slightly separate from the other tables.  There is an opportunity to have a drink and bite to eat as well, which takes care of the tummy’s needs…you don’t have to eat though, you can just have a drink.

The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me, apparently two, really one, seek unity and that is love.”

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I’d like to extend an invitation to join this group to anyone reading this with whom the above resonates, and you are able to travel to South London (SE23 area) every 2 weeks (mostly Sunday afternoons, sometimes Saturdays).   So if this resonates, do send me a message.
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