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Soul Plan Reading – Discover the Map to Your Life

Soul Plan Reading by Skype, Zoom or Phone

Ask yourself…

What if your life had an overall plan that included your going through your very unique challenges?

What if it could guide you in the direction most likely to help you feel empowered?

What if it could reveal to you what your true life’s purpose is?

This plan is your Soul Plan

A Soul Plan reading is like the blueprint of your soul – a map to living in peace with yourself and mastering what you came here for.  Without access to such soul knowledge all the money in the world may feel futile, or the greatest achievements may leave you feeling empty.  This is because we are  ‘off track’.  Having your Soul Plan analysed can be an empowering turning point, as your life themes and energetic dynamics become clear.  Your Soul’ Plan goes straight to the core of your life’s purpose, as well as revealing your inherent gifts, innate abilities and life’s goals.  Find out what clients say about their soul plan reading here: Soul Plan reading testimonials.

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NB: If you are unsure about which birth name to provide for your Soul Plan reading, please email me via the contact page with some details so that we can clarify this.  There is always one name that provides your ‘correct’ soul plan.  It is important we get this right from the start.

Concessions – I provide 50% concession if you are struggling financially – £65.  Payment can be made via Paypal to reenagagneja (@) gmail dot com, and please email me your full birth name.  I’ll then be in touch with availability over the next 1-2 weeks to book the session.  Thank you.

Soul Plan FAQs

What is a Soul Plan?

According to the Soul Plan reading system, your Soul Plan is the plan for your life that you agreed, along with wise helpers, before incarnating into this life.  It is a way of balancing karma and healing.  If we do not fulfill on our soul plan, we will need to revisit the challenges in future lifetimes until we have balanced the energies.

The purpose of the Soul Plan is that the soul needs to experience certain situations and growth opportunities in order to evolve and become balanced and complete, and ultimately get off the rebirth wheel and into union with the Divine / God.

What is a Soul Plan Reading?

A Soul Plan reading (also known as Soul Contract or Soul Path Reading) is a profound system of analysis based upon Hebrew numerology that uncovers the path of the Soul. It reveals the potential that each human being brings into this life as well as the challenges they are here to face and learn from.  It decodes the lessons, gifts, goals and soul destiny for this life.  This powerful analysis reveals not only the thoughts/behavioural patterns but also reveals main archetypes that influence the conscious and unconscious mind.

The system behind Soul Plan reading is a powerful and uncannily accurate system of life purpose analysis and guidance. It works through the interpretation of your birth name’s sound vibration or sound energy.  It is believed that this system was used for personal growth in ancient times and became lost.  Recently (last 3-4 decades) it has returned to help with the energetic upliftment taking place in people and the planet at this time.  If you don’t believe this sort of thing, you can still gain all the amazing benefits of having your Soul Plan read – belief is not mandatory, it can help you at a deep level even if you don’t ‘believe’ in the system.

In a reading, the sound of your name is stated as numbers and symbols which are placed around the star of creation in specific positions.  Each position has a unique significance, and information relevant to your chart for each position on the star is shared and interpreted during the reading.  A reading looks at both the worldly (physical) aspects of your life, as well as the spiritual, and takes into account any patterns or dominant vibrations that influence your life.

Having a reading creates a high vibrational resonance as Soul Plan is a living system, which can activate and catalyze your innate potential.  Having a reading enables you to align naturally with the universe, so that your life starts to flow in a more synchronistic, joyful and creative way.

How Does Your Name Reveal Your Soul Plan?

It may be hard to believe but your name does reveal your Soul Plan for this incarnation.  Readings are based upon the sound vibration of your original name at birth, as this appears on your birth certificate.   Each name has a very unique sound vibration, which catalyzes the universe to attract into your life the people and circumstances that guide you towards the fulfillment your Soul’s plan.

The name we are given at birth holds the resonance of a certain sound, which in turn attracts to us all that we need to experience in order to learn our lessons, achieve our goals and optimise our talents – as per our Soul Plan.

What Will a Soul Plan Reading Reveal About Myself? 

A Soul Plan reading is an exploration of:

  • Karma/challenges
  • Talents/gifts
  • Goals/aspirations
  • Soul destiny/life purpose

Knowing the above, this knowledge can empower you to know and understand a lot about yourself – Self-understanding is the doorway to our Truth. Information imparted can include, for example, directions that would be beneficial such as creative pursuits or more analytical, being clear on the gifts you have to offer the world and how you could make use of them, type of work most suited to you, how to improve your relationships, spiritual matters, emotional makeup and more. The reading is a very revealing  experience.

How Can a Reading Benefit Me?

Most people are not consciously aware of what they really want in life, or what will fulfil them. Even if they are successful and have achieved great things or become wealthy, there is often a growing feeling of something missing, a hole inside…Somehow peace hasn’t yet come.

Knowledge of your Soul Plan clarifies or confirms a life direction more likely to satisfy you at a deeper level. It works at the deepest of levels – the Soul level. It is like accessing a universal code that unlocks the key to a much deeper understanding of yourself, your experience and your purpose. Not only that but it provides a structure and explanation for much of your life experience up to this point and beyond.

A reading can arm you with solutions for overcoming the greatest challenges in your life, become more authentic, bring your talents to the fore, start manifesting your dreams, and improve your relationships.

The beauty of receiving your Soul Plan in written form is that this is now with you for the rest of your life!  I recommend you refer back to it regularly, as it is an ongoing lighthouse and guiding hand, since you will not be able to fully appreciate it in one session.  The understanding of our Soul Plan is a work in progress.  For myself, I refer to mine frequently, and each time I understand something deeper, it’s a constant guide.

Through a Soul Plan reading you will also come to understand your Soul Destiny.  This is your quintessence, or essential core.  This quality is at the core of your being, and is your destiny to embody.

Are you Accredited to Provide Soul Plan Readings?

I hold a Diploma in Spiritual Counselling which also provided certification as a Soul Plan Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach.  I am a Full Member of the Complementary Medicine Association.

BA (Hons), MCMA, Dip. Spiritual Counselling, H-hp Dip

I have worked with clients for over 11 years.

What’s the Background To Soul Plan Readings?

Soul Plan is a system of life purpose analysis and energy healing. It has its roots and derives its basic interpretations from the Ari Gra version of the Sefer Yetzirah and includes a gematria system of calculation that was probably passed onto Frank Alper by the Hebrew scholar Aryeh Kaplan or was otherwise channelled/created by Frank.

What we know for certain is that Frank channelled 22 symbols that accompany the 22 letters and interpretations as described in the Sefer Yetzirah.

The system has been developed and modernised into a modern counselling and coaching tool by Blue Marsden who has added further interpretations based on practical observation of thousands of clients, in conjunction with archive and anecdotal material provided by Katharina Alper (Frank’s life and teaching partner).

The work also benefits from research into Hebrew and Kaballah and new channelled/created additional material including titles for the 22 energies, soul messages, affirmations, belief identification and a method of energetic healing.

Sefer Yetzirah

The Sefer Yetzirah, called the Book of Creation, or the Book of Formation in English, is said to have as its objective, to convey in writing how the things of our universe came into existence.  Sefer Yetzirah clarifies how the universe was created by the “God of Israel” through “32 wondrous ways of wisdom”.  The latter include the 22 mystical letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which the Soul Plan system uses are as follows:

  • Three “Mother” Letters (Aleph, Mem, Shin)
  • Seven “Doubles” (Bet, Gimel, Dalet, Kaph, Pe, Resh, Taw)
  • Twelve “Simples” or “Elementals” (He, Waw, Zayin, Heth, Teth, Yodh, Lamedh, Nun, Samekh, Ayin, Tsade, Qoph)

The Sefer Yetzirah points to the mystical nature of these 22 letters, and views both the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (man) as products of the combination and permutation of the mystic characters.  It links sound (of letters) to aspects of material existence and suggests that these 22 letters represent the energies of this world.

By using the Soul Plan system, we convert your name into its ancient Hebrew equivalent in terms of sound, then we have a basis for interpreting the energies of the 22 energies that are affecting you.

Why Do We Have a Soul Plan?

Most of us have had many incarnations, or at least a few. Due to freewill, we have created many different scenarios with others.  All karmic situations must eventually be balanced.  These can go back eons of time, and can be played out at any time when it is appropriate.  Your reason for going through duality is to learn lessons.  Thus a Soul Plan is agreed by our Higher Self (Soul) in conjunction with our guides and other beings, so that we may learn whatever lessons we choose in the forthcoming incarnation, as well as utilise talents and achieve goals (again, which we agree on beforehand).

This Soul Plan is revealed by a Soul Plan reading.  This plan is designed for our maximum growth.

Every one of us has a mission of some kind, a purpose, or purposes, for which we have talents to help us.  However, it is the karmic challenges that stop us in our tracks, and are even hidden from our view, and it is these that a Soul Plan reading can be so helpful in highlighting, and therefore allowing for healing.

Due to the law of karma, all karmic situations must eventually become balanced out.  Your reason for going through this dual world experience, whilst suffering spiritual amnesia, is to learn lessons.  Your Soul Plan reading is your tailor-made map of not only your lessons, but your goals and talents too, not forgetting your soul destiny.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are on a journey towards fulfilling your Soul’s purpose.  Aligning with this purpose brings so many aspects into harmony, life begins to flow better, and your consciousness becomes raised.

Why is it Helpful To Know Your Soul Plan?

A Soul Plan is like a compass for what you yourself (at Soul level) agreed for this life, it’s your destiny if you like.  This is not always obvious, although you will sometimes be drawn towards a particular direction, or be repelled by certain people or situations.  However, a reading will lay it on the table for you, as it were, will show where your gifts lie, and what your stumbling blocks are.

It is important to be aligned with our plan for this life, as we then have a better chance of fulfilling that for which we came into this life.  Not only that a reading clarifies much, and is usually transformative and healing.

And though a reading is transformational, it is just one session.  In order to really embody and empower yourself through the vehicle of Soul Plan, further work on yourself is recommended. I provide ongoing spiritual life coaching and spiritual counselling sessions, to assist you to delve deeper into, first the self, then the Self. Much work is done within the area of emotional healing and letting go of that which we carry, and often life coaching and counselling interchange across sessions, deepening on what is needed.  We will will almost always start the first session analysing your Soul Plan.


How Does Soul Plan Reading Sit With The Path of Self-Realization, Embodiment Of The Absolute or Enlightenment? 

Soul Plan Reading is part of looking at our relative self that is really illusory and part of the world of appearance.  It’s a process that can help us to see through the illusion through realization, healing and embracing the relative self as the relative self.

Soul Plan reading assists the absolute path in that it instigates clarity and healing of the body-mind which clears illusions and creates the space in which Grace / Truth may enter and show us who we are at an absolute level.

When the body-mind is very preoccupied with (apparent) suffering, confusions, depression and so on, the veil hiding the absolute, infinite nature of everything is thick and impenetrable.

As we let go of emotional and mental obstructions, that’s when Real Awareness (also called God) can be seen for what it is – the truth of our own nature – and we can abide in That.  If we are identified with our pain and suffering this prevents an expansiveness of our inner space, which is where truth is seen.

Soul Plan reading, provides an (apparent) accurate view of your body-mind and its (apparent) purpose here, which catalyses healing and a letting go of the dream, or can propel you further along on this path.  It can create a distance between you as the real you (awareness, knowing) and your identifications which are temporary and false.

I do not speak about soul plan reading in this way partly due to limitations of language – to constantly speak of the relative versus the absolute can detract from what soul plan reading is about.  However essentially it is true to say that soul plan reading is part of clarifying the separate self (which itself appears in the absolute) and this itself can point to the absolute, depending on one’s path and intentions.

Can You Have a ‘Bad’ Soul Plan?

Clients are sometimes worried they have a ‘bad’ soul plan.  However good and bad do not arise in the Soul Plan system!

Each Soul Plan is unique and some can be more challenging than others, yes, for example where there are more powerful, catalytic energies…but no soul plan is bad.  Since you agreed to it before birth, you have, at a deep level, already accepted this path for this lifetime. This means you are capable of dealing with what arises even though it may seem otherwise sometimes.  And even though your challenges may seem hard, your Soul Plan is always ‘scripted’ with unconditional love and wisdom.

If we keep the focus on how we can fulfill on the plan, we can go beyond fears and become empowered to learn the needed lessons, so that we can come into the fullness of our gifts and talents.

Can I Have a Reading For My Child?

Yes, you can. If your child is under 18, a Soul Plan reading can be beneficial for your child as it can help you as a parent with a deeper understanding of any issues with their child, and why they behave in certain ways.  This can then help to harmonise situations, understand family dynamics better, and have greater compassion for your child.  A reading will also you what your child’s gifts And goals are, thus this can assist when guiding them in which direction to take in life, as they move into adulthood.

Soul Plans for your children are useful, especially as parents tend to blame themselves for certain behaviour traits when all along their children are living the plan chosen by their Soul before birth.  Don’t misunderstand me – parenting efforts is very important as challenges in the Soul Plan can play out in varying ways depending on the love, encouragement and opportunities we are exposed to in life.  It’s just important to remember that other energies are at play in addition to your human parent input.  Children come through us, they don’t belong to us.

If your child is 18 or over, they are advised to request their own Soul Plan reading directly.

How Long Does a Reading Take?

Readings take 1 to 1.5 hours, plus 1 hour of analysis and preparation beforehand.

What Happens in a Reading?

During the session with you, I will take you through the interpretation of each of the 7 aspects of your Soul Plan chart, so that you have a good understanding of your core gifts / strengths / potentials, your main lessons / challenges,  your goals, and your soul destiny.

The session is interactive, and you are free to ask questions at any time.  I will also be asking you some questions, inspired by indications and aspects I see in your reading.

Can I Give a Reading as a Gift?

Yes. If you wish to purchase a give of a Soul Plan reading, please pay for the reading, and ensure you add the full  birth name of the person for whom you are purchasing a reading, not yours.  However, separately, kindly email me on reenagagneja (@) gmail dot com (please format the email address when using, this is to stop spam) to inform me of this purchase, and confirm the birth name provided.

Gifts are to be used within 24 months of payment.

What Do You Like About Offering Soul Plan Readings?

Despite my spiritual quest I was always at heart quite a sceptic.  So, with this system I needed to have proof of its accuracy in order to continue to invest my time and energy into it.  And the responses of my clients was proof enough for me.  I am constantly amazed at how a name can reveal so much and so accurately.

When I saw my own Soul Plan reading for the first time, it was like a huge weight was lifted from me, for many of my past difficulties, pain, choices, frustrations as well as interests were put into context – I saw that these had been part of my destiny here.  My plan has empowered me to make the right choices for me, even big decisions.  It’s like a lighthouse, always on.

So I just love to help clients get similar clarity and empowerment, as well as healing as having a session creates a healing momentum.  Soul Plan system is a system that’s alive in terms of energy upliftment.

Is This the Only Way to Find Out Your Soul Plan? 

No, this is just one way to find out your Soul Plan.  Other ways include past life regression hypnotherapy, consulting mediums and channellers who can access the Akashik Records.  The beauty of this Soul Plan system is that it is an easy and fast way to find out a lot of accurate information about your Soul Plan, and you’ll receive a PDF version which you will have for life, which you can refer to ongoingly for further growth and healing.

How Can I Continue to Work On The Areas My Plan Reveals I Should Address? 

I offer spiritual life coaching for ongoing work.  Please contact me via the contact page if you have already had your soul plan reading, or please discuss this at your session with me.  We will have an ainitail 20-min talk on the phone to discuss what you wish to achieve and if there is a resonance and fit.

My work is a unique program of energy and emotional healing techniques and methods to effect powerful change quickly.

What Do Your Clients Say About Their Soul Plan Reading Session?

“The soul reading has given me the push that I needed in life.”

“The soul contract reading was excellent in showing who I am. It has been a tremendous experience that I needed at this time in my life.”

“I found it really resonated with me.”

“Its very helpful because it exposed some patterns of personality and behaviour that I was previously unconscious to.”

“…confirming that the path I am on is indeed where I am meant to be.”

“…has confirmed and consolidated information I’ve been told before and enlightened me on what I wasn’t aware of.”

“My soul contract reading was so enlightening, surprising and insightful.”

“I will be able now to approach life’s matters with a renewed air of confidence.”

“…convinced more than ever that I am where I’ve chosen to be in these times.”

“I couldn’t believe how accurate it was !”

“It gave me a real insight.”

“…was amazed at how accurate it was.”

“It made me think about what I’m actually capable of and how to use my natural talents to make my life happier and more fulfilling.”

“I am now feeling optimistic about doing things that I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the confidence or belief to try before.”

“I’ve gained deeper understanding of particular aspects of who I am which I feel has created a clearing.”

“One of the things that became clear for me is that I’ve been selective about which emotions I’ve been allowing myself to fully experience and have suppressed others which I have not liked myself for feeling. This has been disempowering.”

“I am supported by this reading.”

“The Soul Plan Reading was uncannily accurate, providing an outline of core characteristics I have both physically and spiritually.”

“It was so helpful and inspirational to get a far better understanding of why I have experienced certain situations.”

“The soul contract reading was excellent in showing who I am.”

“It was a fascinating and very helpful experience.”

“…being very sceptical at first I didn’t know what to make of the report, but as we went through the reading I felt as if layers of me were being peeled away.”

“I came away with a deeper and greater understanding of myself and my life purpose.”

“It really helped me to take a good look at my life from a fresh perspective and break away from some of the negative patterns which where so deeply ingrained that alone I could never have recognised them.”

“I’m pleased that I can apply this insightful knowledge to impending life-decisions with added confidence.”

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