Soul Plan Reading – Discover the Map to Your Life

Soul Plan Reading by Email

Ask yourself…

What if your life had an overall plan that included your going through your very unique challenges?
What if it could guide you in the direction most likely to help you feel fulfilled?
What if it could reveal to you what your life’s purpose is?
This plan is your Soul Plan

A Soul Plan reading is like the blueprint of your soul – a map to living in peace with yourself and mastering what you came here for.  Without access to such soul knowledge all the money in the world may feel futile, or the greatest achievements may leave you feeling empty.  This is because we are  ‘off track’.  Having your Soul Plan analysed can be an empowering turning point, as your life themes and energetic dynamics become clear.  Your Soul’ Plan goes straight to the core of your life’s purpose, as well as revealing your inherent gifts, innate abilities and life’s goals.  Find out what clients say about their soul plan reading here.

Soul Plan Reading by Email

An email reading provides you with all key aspects of your Soul Plan: your lessons/karma, talents/gifts, goals and soul destiny.   

Your report will also provide you with accurate insights about your Soul’s mission in this life.  It is recommended that you take the time to study the report in detail and refer back to it regularly.  The reading will be relevant to you throughout your life.  

A Soul Plan reading by email is suitable for anyone who wishes to receive their Soul Plan reading in the quickest and easiest way – straight to your inbox rather than commit to a full Soul Plan Reading session.

How to Book

  1. Add your FULL birth name in the box.
  2. Click on the Paypal button and go through the payment process.
  3. Your Soul Plan reading in PDF format will be emailed to you within 2 working days of receiving payment notification.
Enter your FULL birth name

NB: If you have any questions about which name to use please email me via the contact page so that we can clarify this.  There is always one name that provides your ‘correct’ soul plan and that is the one that the reading should be based on.  It is important we get this right from the start.

A Reading by Email Reveals Your…

    1. Worldly Challenges – Lessons the Soul has come to learn.
    2. Worldly Talents – These are your gifts and abilities that come naturally to you.     
    3. Worldly Goals – These are your goals or life’s missions or incentives.   
    4. Spiritual Challenges – The spiritual lessons you came to learn.
    5. Spiritual Talents – Your spiritual gifts and abilities that you are here to access.  
    6. Spiritual Goals – Goals or missions you are here to achieve related to spiritual energies / efforts.
    7. Soul Destiny – This is your quintessence, or essential core. This quality is at the core of your being, and is your destiny to embody. 

Find out what clients have said about their soul plan reading here.

What is a Soul Plan Reading?

Soul Plan reading goes straight to the core of your life purpose and helps you to connect with this. It reveals your inherent wisdom, innate abilities and powerful gifts.  It can provide you with a renewed sense of purpose in your life.  Clients report that their reading was healing and transformational.  Read testimonials here.

The system behind Soul Plan reading is a remarkably powerful and uncannily accurate system of life purpose analysis, guidance and healing, and works through the interpretation of your birth name vibration.  It is believed that this system was used in ancient times and became lost.  Recently (last 3 decades) it has returned to help with the energetic upliftment taking place in people and the planet at this time.  (By the way, even if you don’t believe this sort of thing, you can still gain all the amazing benefits of having your Soul Plan read – belief is not mandatory!)

Having a reading creates a high vibrational resonance as Soul Plan is a living system, which can activate and catalyze your innate potential. 

Having a reading triggers latent memories of who you are and what you are here for, and this brings you in natural alignment with the universe, so that your life starts to flow in a more synchronistic, joyful and creative way. 

To purchase a mini reading please scroll up this page where you will see the Paypal button and a fields to enter your birthname.  Or to find out more about Soul Plan click the button below to go to the page for the full Soul Plan reading. 

FULL Soul Plan Reading

After receiving your mini reading by email, you may wish to book a full Soul Plan reading which provides a lot more detail, and the chance for you to ask questions. 

A full reading takes 1 – 1.5 hours, is carried out via Skype/phone or in-person (SE23, London) and provides an in-depth look into your Soul Plan, along with self-help recommendations for further work in order to align more with your Soul’s plan. 

To book a full Soul Plan reading by Skype please click here.  You may also opt for a full reading from the outset, instead of a mini reading.