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I’m not quite sure why I haven’t been blogging quite so much recently, but it’s certainly been a funny old time. Well, not really ‘old’ at all, more like new time. Since before 11.11.11 it felt weird (weird as compared to status quo normal that is), and since 11.11.11 it’s felt weirder still but in a different way.
Put it this way, it’s been a time of experiencing rather than recounting it. Often words will arrive for a blog post but before I get round to adding the new post, the moment seems to go. Or time seems to zip by at an increasingly faster pace. And there’s so much info coming out that is new, and getting ever more fantastical – it’s some show the old elite have put on for us. Actually using the word elite is not the right word, it raises them up above their station. Lyndon LaRouche calls them idiots, and the two last presidents as ‘clinically insane’ and ‘incapable of making a competent decision.’ Love it, love it. And yep, he includes Obama….Just for the record though, I’m willing to be convinced about Obama, as long as there is more than just two channelled messages as the source….As it is, looking at what this chap’s been doing, or not doing, all I can say is it ain’t looking too good is it. What I will say is that if Obama is ‘of the Light’ then I don’t expect him to be booted out of office before his term’s up.
On a slightly different note, recently a few people unsubscribed from the mailing list because of “too much info.”
Well, it’s interesting that – because these days it’s the 3D world that brings me to overwhelm!
Sure all the ‘truth info’ is pretty mind-bogglingly hard-to-believe sometimes, but as the Lyndon LaRouche video I posted recently says, you need to know the truth otherwise how can you make an informed choice. (Btw, Lyndon LaRouche also goes on to say a lot of other things that, for sure, may seem ‘too much.’)
Imho overwhelm or ‘too much info’ is just what occurs on a regular basis (aka everyday) in this 3D world…For this world is constantly demanding one’s attention, with people sucking other people’s energy, with one’s mental energy being scattered and pulled in all sorts of directions, with regular needs to make decisions of all sorts and at varying levels….That’s overwhelm…Sometimes I fail to see where peace in the 3D world is, except in moments calmed by an impetus towards sanity. Actually truth is…3D and peace don’t sit well together. You have to see and experience beyond the 3D games and polarities – if you want to experience some peace that is.
The overwhelm that one may feel with all the truth info coming out is not due to the info itself but due to all the rigid beliefs and values we attach to. It’s simply these beliefs being challenged by alternative scenarios. When we find ourselves thus challenged we’re forced to face several choices that are challenging to our own modus operandi. Overwhelm or ‘too much’ is a convenient word we use when we resist facing our beliefs and the new choices.
But for sure the brainwashing was done well. People have been inadvertently trained to acquiesce and to refrain from questioning anything alternative to the status quo – and add to that the sheer difficulty of achieving a sense of safety, and confidence in long-term survival for most, and you can’t really blame them (us).
But whatever way you look at it, at the end of the day, ignorance really isn’t bliss. Not in the long-term anyway. And not in the end. So you have to ask yourself whether you want short-term relief (ie relief from being mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenged) or long-term truth and a bit of risk-taking.
Risk-taking, because it’s entering the unknown, a place where you leave your usual strategies at the doorstep. Instead of rehearsing it, you just live it, instead of justifying it, you simply accept it.
So that’s a few ramblings for tonight.
Do share your own thoughts – how have you been of late?
Love & Light,

Reena Gagneja
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