Have you ever been to a Satsang? Would you like to attend? If you’re near or can get to London, here’s a satsang I would recommend:

Satsang with Mooji at London Battersea Arts Centre, 15th – 18th November 2013

I like to think I’m pretty discerning when it comes to whose heart is in the right place as far as spiritual teachers are concerned and who is truly speaking from beyond the hidden recesses of the illusory mind. As well as – most importantly – the actual teaching itself. And Mooji is a lovely being. Mooji’s satsangs are from the non-dual perspective. I’ll let his own words tell you more about him further below from his website.

First, in case you may be wondering, this sort of satsang is not to do with any religion, or any particular dogma, or following any guru, or signing your life away to some cult. It’s in fact about going beyond all dogmas, the whole lot of them, going beyond mind. And it’s simply about the Truth of our being – that Consciousness that divinely gives rise to all, even that which may seem non-divine. It’s about pointing to what already is, not trying to make what already is into something else. So if you’re feeling tired, or perhaps confused about life, or just want to have a few days off from your usual routine and gently ponder on deeper questions of life, then this is the chance. Time for taking some welcome time out. I have no affiliation with Mooji, I am simply sharing something I think is worthwhile that’s all. No agenda : ) Enjoy the below.

Here is a video of Mooji:

Mooji: We are All in Recovery

Here are his words taken from his website:
When we look with the ‘I’
We dream.
When we look for the ‘I’
We awaken.
I am not a speaker nor a preacher. I have no mission to change the world. I have no original words or teaching to give anyone. I reflect only what I’ve seen and heard – most ordinary, very common. I have no fascination for fresh ideas and activity. All enthusiasm for worldly endeavours and strivings have all but gone. For me, thoughts, words and deeds- the activities of life, are merely the utensils for serving out the ‘prasad’ of the Being-ness.
When the mind adjusts to simply staying here, then that mind is not called mind any more. It’s just Self. It’s only ever Self.
The operation of consciousness
has created the ‘apparition’ called ‘me’.
…Focus your mind on ‘I am’,
which is pure and simple being.
You are Here and Now only.
Contemplate what it is to be fully ‘Here’ and fully ‘Now’.
For this you must leave all else; stay only as here-now
Conscious presence. This is Heart. This is Self.
Attempting to identify with the source
is an idea. You are already that.

Comments, as always, welcome.

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