ram dass dark night of the soul

Great video, great words. I was going to add the first one only but ended up adding others as I watched more. A lovable teacher, down to earth and with a sense of humour.
Ram Dass – Dark night of the soul

[youtube]qrBf-bZ9UcI[/youtube] Youtube intro:

As we transition , we may find ourselves lost, ….this is called the Dark night of the soul. Ram Dass will tell you all about it, we are not alone in our mishaps and struggles with spirituality. It is a transformation, a process, a death of who we thought we were, suffering in the wake, and then finally relief. An excerpt from an audio recording of Dass …”Death as a vehicle for awakening “…

Ram Dass On Attachment And Addiction
RG: A very gentle approach towards addictions and ourselves.
[youtube]T3ixRqOauq4[/youtube] Ram Dass on Suffering and Karma
[youtube]DV9cXKHkX34[/youtube] Ram Dass on “Suffering”
[youtube]8wH8jgE03Go[/youtube] Dysfunctional & Spiritual Co-existance

[youtube]_7VSKRCfOhE[/youtube] Ram Dass “Awareness”

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