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Aren’t you tired of all the blogs out there with NoFollow links! In case you don’t know, NoFollow means that when you add a link to your website on another site (for eg via comments), especially the big ones, it means your link will not be followed by search engines, so if there is a NoFollow link from page A to page B, the search engines will not crawl via page A’s link to discover page B.

So I created this page for my friends and visitors to have a place to promote yourself and your businesses and get some link juice to your websites. As you know, backlinking is vital to get your sites ranked higher in Google and other search engines.

So…feel free to add a comment below and tell us more about what you do, your business, or any questions you have. In other words, promote yourself for free. I would just say: I won’t unfortunately approve links to the same url multiple times, nor those urls that are for things like drugs and items not beneficial for health and wellbeing.

I would love for you to look around my blog and leave some comments on my other posts too. I have just published this new blog and would love it to be a win-win situation for all: you get links to your website, I improve search engine ranking on Google.

UPDATE 2020: Here is another similar post where you may leave your link in the comments: Click here.

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