The below video (though a bit old – 2010) spoke volumes to me just at a time when I had been thinking the very same thing: Positive thinking? What a load of cr*p! (Pardon the French btw)
I’m in a straight talking mood tonight…. 😉
Seriously, I come across people daily, weekly who seem to think that being positive is an attitude to be exalted and admired, whilst being negative (aka realistic and honest) is somehow inferior and a sign of weakness. This is total baloney. In fact it is as one of the comments to this video states: ‘psychopathic authenticity‘. It is also as the video states, a form of social control, or control of others.
Yes thoughts do have enormous power but they need to be genuinely authentic and honest in order for real positivity (I rather call it balance, or grace) to arise. But psychopathic positivity is not positive (as the video says – it calls it a mistake). Needless to say, we live in a topsy turvy society (certainly in the west anyway) where such delusion is seen as genuine and true genuineness delusion.
This video is pretty 3D let’s say, but it touches upon deeper aspects. For example it talks about one’s authentic state as being simply vigilant, rather than positive. This is just so. Our state is one of awareness and noticing, but what is then added on top of this awareness is all the thoughts and beliefs we hold deep down, mostly sub-consciously (unless we’re up to facing the music about ourselves). And some of these beliefs will be, for many people, around always coming across as being in control, being happy, being nice, being positive. Yup – ego.
Urgh, I’m going off that positive word as I write….:)
Remember the recent post I put up about the nurse and the regrets terminally ill folk had? Well, one of the regrets was that they wished they had been more genuine, less nice, less playing it safe. That’s just it. Being nice and positive really just leaves us feeling fake, dissatisfied and unconnected. I don’t mean don’t be nice….lol, of course not. I simply mean – to put it straight – don’t compromise your truth, yourself, for the sake of keeping peace, because the peace that you think you have, well it’s not peace. It’s just a papering over cracks. Denial.
(Reminds me of that film The Invention Of Lying, where noone can lie, till Ricky Gervais comes along of course.)
A lot of new age folk have this thing about being positive too – you know, as if, if you focus on the lack and on how horrid the world is (which it is in terms of the society that has been created) then you’re somehow not being spiritual. I do not concur with this view. If lack exists then why deny it. If suffering exists then why deny it. And so on. There is a critical difference between being negative and seeing things as they are.
In truth being psychopathically positive (let’s call it) is simply more dualism.
I’ll end with a quote I just found of Osho’s that says it crystal clear:
“The technique of positive thinking is not a technique that transforms you. It is simply repressing the negative aspects of your personality. It is a method of choice. It cannot help awareness; it goes against awareness. Awareness is always choiceless.
I am absolutely against positive thinking. You will be surprised that if you don’t choose, if you remain in a choiceless awareness, your life will start expressing something which is beyond both positive and negative, which is higher than both. So you are not going to be a loser. It is not going to be negative, it is not going to be positive, it is going to be existential.”
I rest my case 😉
Comments, as always, welcome.

Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich explores the darker side of positive thinking.

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