28 July 2014 – Ok, I found the video again! I will add it below. Enjoy your Trevor.
15 July 2014 Update – The video referenced below disappeared when I had this site redesigned, and I can’t seem to find it again. So I have found another great video about how to calm the monkey mind – all about how meditation helps calm the mind and a humorous story about monkeys. Enjoy.
I was about to write a blog about what it means to be truly conscious, as opposed to unconscious, when a friend sent me this video, which is in the box to the right (click post title first). UPDATE – Video now below:

It’s a great video, challenging, honest in a raw way – do watch it.
It shows you what your ego is – the monkey mind. This is that impulse in you that…
– Talks when you have nothing much to say
– Shows off in a desperate attempt to get approval
– Spends money on keeping up with the Jones’s that could be used in better ways (did you know the Jones’s actually don’t care about you, they’re too busy keeping up with the Smiths)
(No offense to those with such names LOL)
– Worries about self-image and constantly tries to perfect it
– Loves drama, even when events are excruciatingly painful – loves (ie knows, is familiar with) pain and suffering at some level
– Is self-obsessed and has a very short ‘listening to others’ span, it spends a very large part of the day thinking about itself, mostly unconsciously
– Is pretty boring to others because what it talks about is all rehearsed and already old, it is no different essentially than the next person’s conversation, and the spontaneous freedom to speak engagingly from the heart and in the moment is an alien concept
– Doesn’t want you to be happy and at ease
– Is never EVER at peace, even if all goals etc are achieved – the peace IN THE MOMENT IN ACTUALITY is always lacking
– Is hung up about the past, and regurgitates old memories consciously or sub-consciously, feeling hard done by, insecure and other intense emotions
– Will rarely show what its real feelings are, and may have managed to totally obscure these from view
– Doesn’t know what love is and cannot truly show it, only intellectualize it. If love does sneak out, it is quickly quashed due to embarrassment
– Is more at home with an overall negative frame of mind, as a positive one is another alien concept
– Will do whatever it takes not to lose face rather than admit responsibility and hold its hands up
– Lives a double life – what is real as opposed to what is projected for others
The list can go on. Sounds very harsh, right?
But nonetheless it is so.
And we’re all the same.

But in truth what we are is not the above, but shining Divine Sparks who hide our Light underneath the above monkey traits, which are in fact BOGUS (unreal) aspects of a fictional person that does not exist in reality, only in our perception.
Then, one day, Life comes knocking at our door, and says:
“Oi you, I am the one you’re supposed to be living, not some twisted, confused, painful concept you have in your mind.
And Life says some more:
“THIS is where you find that love and fulfillment you have been craving in that desperate, confused way all this time. I’m here, so let all of that go, it doesn’t work for you – and never did. You can finally relax now.”
So to go back to my inspiration for the blog – what it means to be conscious is to say Yes to Life each time it comes knocking.
This is done by seeing the ego at play within our own life.
When I saw my own ego – all of the above goings on for sure! – at play within me, albeit painful for a time, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It provided the freedom and peace I had never known, and yet had sought high and low for.
One point on this is that we can only fully enjoy what we consciously know. So having searched for peace and freedom yet not known or understood it, how could I ever experience it fully? It was when I came to know that peace and freedom are already present, that those were suddenly there for the taking. Thus knowing is not an intellectual process, but really a revealing or allowing of whatever is present to just be. It is in other words, removing ourselves out of the way of what is.
If you’re in a place of conflict (and if you’re honest, you will see that you are to some extent or other), then watch this video and apply it to you. Then take heart, take courage, and give that chimp a spanking and put it in its rightful place!
And what’s its rightful place? Well, the chimp’s role is as follows:
– To give us a laugh – first and foremost, we need to laugh at all of what it has been trying to do. It’s an insane ape! Your inner monkey is a total nutter! As such it provides us with the comedy to take life less seriously
– To ensure we don’t get ourselves – or others – injured or killed – it helps us to function in this world of physical form
– To ensure we get stuff done – it helps us to keep on top of what needs to be done according to what we choose to focus on in our daily life and goals.
You get the gist….it is useful, functional. But that’s it.
Of course we don’t actually have a monkey inside us (no, really?), but a metaphor like this is very effective in distancing ourselves from the impetus in us that has us behaving and thinking in the above ways. We are ordinarily too identified with the self-image to notice the difference between reality and non-reality.
And you may ask – but how will my life be if I don’t have the usual definitions and identities that I am used to?
Ah, now, that’s what you need to discover! I cannot tell you that. That’s when life comes alive, and you enter into the exciting unknown, where the goalposts have moved. That’s called awakening. And that’s called a sigh of relief.
In this new paradigm, now it’s you who’s kicking that ball, not watching some chimp make an ass of it. And if you make an ass of it? Well, you just get behind the ball and kick again. What’s the big deal? Who cares what they think? Does it make any difference at all in reality what they think? They’re going to think it anyways!!
Where we face real challenges in daily life, with the monkey put in its place, solutions too are easier to put into place.
Or maybe you choose a different game to play – how about lacrosse?
So the moral of this blog post is: Make sure you give your chimp a good spanking today!
To your peace and freedom in the Now,

Reena Gagneja
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