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I have no feeling of having to justify why I have ads on this blog. To me it’s perfectly reasonable given I put in so much time, effort and money into it. Of course it is a labour of love yet it does cost to run it so I’m quite happy – and grateful – to receive any monies via any affiliate ads, Adsense etc. As I’ve said before I would be the first one to opt for a world without money. But we are far from that point at present, and so 3D life demands we pay our bills, pay for food, clothing etc etc. Who could survive without money in this world?

In addition to that I work in online marketing and I enjoy all that neeky, geeky kind of stuff – blogs, online marketing, affiliate marketing et al.

So… you may wonder – why write this post if I don’t feel I need to justify it? And here’s why:

This comment was submitted recently:

“go away reena…far away…find another way to make money…namaste”

Being kind, I shall not post the name of the one who added this comment. Needless to say, I rejected this comment. I’m not interested in making such nasty, personal comments public on my blog. (A post is different however as it is sharing and opening up this discussion.) I won’t accept it for myself nor directed at anyone else. The world is full of people who say and do nasty things. So we don’t need to focus on more of that. When I first read the above comment I was a bit stunned for second. It’s not a nice comment. I found it rather telling that out of ALL the information on this site, this person wanted to focus on that (money). And the use of the word namaste is ironic given it means ‘I bow to your true self.’

Sometimes people are so suspicious of others that they jump to conclusions that suit their own judgments. Usually such comments are more – or solely – about them rather than the one they are directing them at.  So let’s just set this matter straight.

I have worked this blog for about two years now. I can’t tell you the hours I’ve put into it, even to the point that my younger son sometimes says I am on my laptop ‘all the time’ (ok, a bit of exaggeration, but kids are like that aren’t they). I’ve spent money on the theme, on a paid mailing list for 18 months and I continue to pay for hosting (since it’s a site not, and probably other costs I’ve forgotten. Oh yeah, I’ve paid a coder before to fix some issues, plus paid someone for graphics work. You get the idea. Basically, running a blog has its associated costs.

So….I am conscience-free if I make money from it. A fair exchange I’d say. Actually a fairer exchange would be if I was making a whole lot more from it since I’ve spent a whole lot more on this site than I’ve made!  The truth is I make so little from this blog, despite the ads, that this topic is really redundant – the irony.  I see this whole thing about earning money through blogging totally differently to the one who submitted the comment. When I read other people’s blogs and see ads I don’t mind, since I know what it takes to run an active site.

Besides, we would do well to remember that money itself is just paper or numbers on a screen. It’s neutral. It’s functional. Only WE make it something else in our minds and attach to it. Then we get jealous of others or resentful of others’ success etc.

Oh for a world without money…

It’s good to blog up a post of my own again. it’s been a little while.

Have a good weekend folks – but I should be posting some more posts this weekend all being well.

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