A ramble – as I have no idea what ‘I’ am going to write, but I wanted to touch base as I know I haven’t written so much this week. I hope you like the Sam Harris posts. It was Tony Parsons who mentioned him, and looking him up I have to say that I was quite pleasantly surprised to see someone say that scientifically, it is proven that the brain makes decisions a moment or two BEFORE the thought comes to us about the decision in question. In other words, no free will whatsoever. Quite incredible, don’t you think? I’m adding a video of Sam Harris speaking about the fact that free will is an illusion. Wow, I just love it when human arrogance is brought down a notch or two.
Sam Harris on “Free Will”

[youtube]pCofmZlC72g[/youtube] It’s not actually true that I have not been writing, for I have. I am trying to finally organize and edit over 100 pages of a book I’ve been writing over the last few years. We’ll see how far life lets me get with it….Seen as we don’t have free will, it won’t be my fault if I don’t finish it – LOL!
So if I go a bit quieter it’s the book that’s going on probably, but I’ll endeavour to post other people’s interesting words and videos.
So how’s the collapse of ‘your’ story going? I trust it is going. It’s the only way.
To what? To what you’ve been waiting for.
Comments, as always, welcome.
PS. One other quickie. Someone asked me yesterday what I thought would happen in Dec 2012. My answer was – Nothing. That’s the truth – Nothing is always happening and will be happening then! Actually what will happen is the western world will still be shopping for christmas crackers on 22nd Dec. Because all of that golden age stuff, whether or not it happens in the ephemeral world or not, is STORY. 🙂

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