Eckhart Tolle Royal Albert Hall 2019

On an extremely rainy Autumn evening in October 2019, I attended Eckhart Tolle’s event at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK, and a fabulous event it was.  The venue was full, with the event fully sold out.  It was a milestone event, in that it was likely the biggest mainstream spiritual (but non-religious) event.

Eckhart suggested the evening was treated as a mini retreat, and indeed it was like that, being a whole 4-hour intensive.  The time flew by, it didn’t feel like it was like that long at all.  There was a half-hour guided meditation by Kim Eng, who I believe is Eckhart’s wife, and for me personally this plus Eckhart’s words, precipitated an internal shift.

Alternatives, who organised the event, described the event as follows:

Join Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now and A New Earth, for a rare and transformational four-hour intensive at London’s Royal Albert Hall, including a special guided meditation with Kim Eng.

Through his words and presence, Eckhart explains and demonstrates the significance and power of the awakened state of consciousness, which transcends ego and discursive thinking and can be seen as the next step in human evolution.

The New York Times has described him as “the most popular spiritual author in the United States”, and in 2011, the Watkins Review named him “the most spiritually influential person in the world”.

I took lots of notes and some photos so that I could write up a blog post, and here it is.

Quotes from the event

Below are some notes and snippets I jotted down from what Eckhart was speaking about.  It may be that one or two notions below assist you on your journey, in any event I hope you find something helpful.

If you think your life is a big success you’re in a state of temporary delusion.

Millions of people keep themselves sane through their pets.

Becoming aware of gaps between words is the space of pure awareness….an alertness.

Activities like abseiling and surfing stop you from thinking, this is why you feel good, not the surfing. You’re freed up from yourself and are in touch with Being. You have experienced self-transcendence. Nature can also free you in the same way.

The intense aliveness behind the surface dimension of all reality.

Addictive, obsessive, compulsive – 3 good words to describe most peoples thinking.

Past and future does not exist except as a thought form. If it existed some intrepid explorer would have found the future and said ‘I’ve found the future! ‘ but noone has. When you go to past or future you experience them as the present.

Spiritually advanced means you’re not waiting for the next thing to happen.

Mobile phones – invention made by the mind to be an extension of the mind. Humans at the mercy of the mind. Consciousness is the ocean, the mind is the ripple. Mobiles are extensions of the mind and of the collective mind.

More and more people are awakening, but it’s still a small minority.

Dysfunctional mental activity that people are not even aware of.

At the mercy of our mind…

The compulsive conceptualisation of things….Perceive the world around you but don’t label it….Practice sense perception without labelling things…Not imposing a narrative, this is a wonderful sense of freedom.

Ego needs to feel superior or special. If neither, then it feels diminished. Then it  quickly creates a narrative to compensate for its diminishment. The ego’s repair mechanism.

Ego emphasises the otherness of others.

Deriving an identity or sense of self from things that have happened to you…. The victim identity is very strong.

The world’s first selfie – Narcissus looking at own image.

Even loving yourself means you have a mental image called Me.

The pain of being yourself….of living with yourself…

The normal state of human behaviour is very dysfunctional…Normal equals insane.

Wisdom can only arise from awareness / unconditioned consciousness, and is not conceptual. The world needs wisdom not more conceptualization or knowledge.

Consciousness flowing through you, that’s the purpose of the universe. Vast intelligence.

Life force energy emanates into us like the light from the sun. We are an extension of Source.

Billions of humans live with an antagonistic relationship with the present moment. The ego loves to make things into an enemy. Be careful when watching the news or you’ll be drawn in to the collective egoic mind.

The unconditioned consciousness is usually overlooked. That’s why it’s important to find the gaps in the mainstream.

If you didn’t have a past there would just be the I AM. Need to keep thought at bay, this is done through high alertness. Your destiny is to embody the Presence.


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