the 'me' story

Thanks so much for all the comments on the last post. They are received with heaps of love and gratitude. So glad there is alignment regarding the sell-by date of external messages that continually say the same thing. Not just that, but it really doesn’t matter what happens. 2012 is not about whether x, y or z will occur. 2012 doesn’t matter. Time is an illusion.
Over the course of a year or more, channelled messages lost their interest, and now other messages too…and I feel also the Illuminati / Truth-information stuff – shouting about all that’s ‘wrong’ in the world – that’s gotten boring too. So in the end, you ask yourself: so what’s left to talk about?
The answer: the nature of ‘reality’, me, I, what’s within. That’s truly interesting and gripping! This topic is endless, and endlessly fascinating. It’s also the key to the energy / space of peace and no suffering.
If you are sincere and open to questioning yourself honestly and courageously, your story can collapse. That is liberation. It is the me-story that keeps us in conflict and suffering – even as we don’t recognize it as such. I can’t claim that my story doesn’t appear as real at times. It came back tonight in a conversation with my son. But it’s quick to go. Phew! 🙂 As the story comes back the energy totally shifts in the body. It’s palpable almost. Like a black veil that is invisible. It truly is suffering! Even subtly. For most human beings they are so bought in to their own me-story they wouldn’t be able to entertain this sort of enquiry even for a moment. They would think one was a crazy nutter.
I used to think that human beings are so attached to their suffering. And that may well be true – within the story. However now I see that it is not so much attachment to suffering but to the self-image, whatever flavour that may be. And the thing is is that not only are we busy projecting various self-images to others we are actually doing this number on ourselves.
So where is the craziness?! It is in the insistence on upholding and continually polishing the me-story. Just notice the voice in the head. It really is as if we are schizo.
Then if in a moment this whole game collapses, we just have to go with this, however frightening or weird it might seem. The charge of things goes, anger subsides, there is less stickiness, things happen, then other things happen. Things just are. Shit may even happen. But life just goes on going. And that’s sufficient. It just is. It’s simple. Nothing else to say.
I guess that’s why it’s hard – human beings just love to talk. I have to say, not only am I finding all those messages incredibly dull, but people’s chatter is dull too lol. And this is because the story is just dead boring – plus everyone’s me-story is basically the same! Once you’ve seen your own story, you’ve seen them all. It is in the absence of the story that aliveness happens and boredom is not present. Then it’s shiny and bright, not dull.
Thanks again for being there.
Comments, as always, welcome.

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