This morning I woke up very early, I don’t know if I had been dreaming the same point, but I was thinking about one point to do with the reality-dream / reality-event that occurred some years ago (spoken about before). Just to recap, in this event, I had pleaded before going to bed to be shown Truth in my dream, and was woken up in the darkness of the night with the dream I had been having of a vast alive spaciousness that continued in waking, with a rhythmical pulsating going on in my third eye area. The next morning I remembered it clearly and things were different, there was a different looking through my eyes, things looked fresher, and later I realized much emotional suffering had gone.
Anyway, so this morning, it was fresh in my thoughts. At the time of that dream I had described it thus: ‘There was a vast spaciousness, I was floating in space and an alive presence was actively showing me that nothing is never nothing, it is always something.’ However this morning something dawned – the part of ‘I was floating in space’ had actually not occurred. I (story) had added that. Because the me, as I now remembered, had actually not been there. There was no body or even mind floating in space. There was just this Presence. At the time, and all along since then, my mind had been unable to process the fact that in this dream-event there was an absence of me. Somewhere I had known that I had not been part of it but only now is that clear. The ‘mind’, being so habituated to always see itself and the body as the center of the universe actually added in an extra element to that dream-occurrence as at the time I could not even think about the fact that actually I had not been in that dream at all. I simply fantasized that I must have been there, for to think anything else was totally alien, yet I did not realize I was fantasizing, I simply added a ‘me’ into the whole scenario believing it without question.
It’s joyful to see this. The ‘me’ is such a close-fitting glove, like a very well camouflaged skin layer, that we think it’s us. The freedom from not having to be this or that – from not having to be floating in space in that dream – is so welcome. We see through the eyes of God, not the other way round.
The interesting thing about this dream-event was that there were no angels, no ETs and no ascended masters (LOL), no overt communication (just a kind of sublime or subtle communication, at least I wouldn’t say there was NO communication as such), nothing was happening, there was just vastness, just peace, intelligence and enormous energy and for want of a better word, great power (energetic).
But in spite of all these wonderful things, there still was no body-mind in that ‘scene.’ And it seems I had been looking for a more mystical experience that had happened to ME. I had plonked ‘myself’ right bang in the center of that ‘scene’ – interestingly, there was only me, noone else, LOL! I sought to take credit for that dream-event. This is also because we want to spice things up. In fact what actually occurred was – to the body-mind – pretty boring! Just a spaciousness? Err, nothing else? So the me gets added, to spice up reality. Reality is nothing special, and I think we human beings are too dependent on drama to see the simplicity of natural reality. Once such dependence (on thinking, on constantly chatting and talking, on goals, on doing, on getting to the next thing, on going here, there and everywhere – the ME) can be, for starters, sensed, then there is the possibility to also be graced with a sense of the Alive Spaciousness that allows all the dramas to be possible. And then, the dramas can be fully enjoyed, without self-criticism and put-downs, if one wishes!
So anyway, I wanted to share that with you, so that I could express it in words and express how the body-mind (the ‘me’) is an arrogant so-and-so who cannot stand to not be there, cannot stand to be dissolved back into its own illusion and will even make up things that are not true and did not happen in reality, and believe them all.
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