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Just a personal cyber hug for all my blog visitor friends at the end of this very interesting year, 2010.

Those that I know, or know of, and those I don’t know, I have visualised you all surrounded by white Light and sent you Awake Energy via the ethers, with a wish that you may have a restful, peaceful and happy holiday season, whatever you are doing. My gift to you to say thanks to all who visit my blog regularly, I very much appreciate your support!

By way of further appreciation, I am offering anyone who visits this page, ad infinitum!!, a 50% discount on a Soul Plan Reading. All you have to do is contact me with the code ‘Blog Post 50%’ and you will be emailed a payment link. And remember, this offer is always there, since this post will just go into the archives!

As you can see, I enjoy blogging, and providing – I hope – much needed ‘Truth Information.’ And so are many sites on the internet doing likewise. One of the best things to have happened to humanity in recent years is the internet. Without it, where would we be? It has made the world smaller – a mere fraction of a second away, in fact.

When you look at the lunatic asylum we live in, you may be gripped, to a greater or larger extent, by fear, of one manifestation or other. It is no surprise when you look around you. The world has gone stark, raving mad. It is not so much people, for ultimately human beings are naturally caring and loving in their essence, but it is rather the ‘system’ that we have been blindly subjected to; working our guts out in all sorts of ways to work within it, when it is really designed to – excuse the French – ultimately shaft us. You cannot win in the long-term. You cannot rest for long. You cannot let your hair down in the system and relax. The Matrix has got us good and proper.

Oh but if you are one of the sickly (in the true sense of the word) wealthy few who create the rules, then, sure, you get high on wealding power and authority over others, and trying to own everything on this planet, its resources, its water, it’s animals, its vegetation (and subtly planning to murder about 5 billion people let’s not forget). So yes, it is no surprise that we may at times feel some level of fear. The Matrix is not a peaceful, safe place, after all.

And yet. Even so. We must let go of fear and of attachment itself, as these are not real in any case. If it feels real, we just have some more inner work to do.

The thing about creativity is that the process works by creating what you focus on. So the letting go of stuff that no longer serves, is an essential step along this exciting spiritual path. And what about mass awakening? Ascension? First Contact with our space friends (family)? Wow. Roll on the next two years. Whatever happens, it’s going to be some ride.

Fear or Love? It’s simple, at the end of the day. Truth always is. In opting for the latter, we create the space to then create something new and better, something far better if we wish. Until we empty the pot, how can we add anything new to it, and it remain pure?

Well I’ve rambled on enough.

So finally, 2011 looks like it is going to provide quite a show. Let’s fasten seat belts and sit tight. Keep strong, and stay grounded my friends!

Thanks again for your support and interest, and I wish you:

A Very Merry (heehee) Christmas (if you celebrate it)


A Happy, Healthy and Ascending New Year 2011!

Much Love & Light

Reena Gagneja
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