A few items, on the eve of 11-11-11…A Barry Long video, an Eckhart Tolle video and a nice message from Sheila Gale.
Barry Long Video:

Thanks to the blog friend who sent me something Barry Long once wrote, and here is a video of his which I think is pertinent to what I feel this lead-time towards 11-11-11 has been: a time of release so that we may enter into a higher consciousness.
Have you suffered enough? : Barry Long

[youtube]I1tXF0Leg7o[/youtube] “Are you ready to come to your senses?”
From an interview with the Australian spiritual teacher Barry Long (1926-2003) filmed in Finland in 1997.
“Life is not a perverse thing. It is run by God — a vast intelligence…”
See also videos ‘Get rid of anger and guilt’ and ‘Love gets rid of self’.
Video extract copyright © 2007 The Barry Long Trust.
From ‘The Master of Love’, produced by The Barry Long Foundation International. The Foundation publishes the Barry Long work — books, audio recordings, videos and DVDs. There are also public video showings in various countries. See http://www.barrylong.org and http://www.barrylongbooks.com
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Entering into higher vibrations is not really possible without detachment from identification with ego / thought. Here, Eckhart Tolle explains the role that we allow thought to play and how this never leads to peace.
Eckhart Tolle video:

Are Thoughts The Source of Ego?

[youtube]hbj4nLOPN8o[/youtube] ~~~
Sheila Gale, of the Sheila Gale Show, sent this message out to her mailing list, and I thought it was personal and rather nice, so here you go. (Thanks to another blog friend who sent me the message.)
Sheila Gale’s Message:

11/11/11 is Here!
By now we’ve all heard so much about what this Full Moon week of this auspicious time 11/11/11/ at 11:11am or is it pm, is all about?!
What I know for sure, from my point of view, is that this is the time to acknowledge our great Human Evolution, Ascension if you will, to a new way of Being, on Planet Earth.
The Dark Ages are over!
It is time for you to realize the Magnificence of You! This is not, woo-woo, aura fluffing stuff, rather, it’s the truth of who you are!
You are everything you’ve been looking and waiting for!! Really. No one is better than you..you ARE the Guru you seek. You don’t need to “work on this issue, or that issue” you have no issues! You’re not nearly as messed up as you think you are!
One of the greatest gifts I’ve received from Gary Douglas, (Founder of Access Consciousness) is the truth that..”this is who I am, and I accept and love that who I am!” And if you don’t like it, or if you judge me, then you can “lump it!” But really!
My greatest wish is that you get that for you!!
You are NOT damaged goods, I don’t care what addictions, isms, character defects, issues, or whatever you have made real in this or other lifetimes, from the thousands of criticisms, judgments, or points of view from family, friends, cultures, religions. They are ALL lies.
You are Phenomenal and it’s time you realize that you are the gift, the world has been waiting for!! I adore you!
Lastly, just to wish you all a most wonderful day tomorrow.
May expansion, upliftment, Love and Light be yours and plentifully.
And may we see this beautiful planet of ours move into a new and vital energy – a spiritual point of no return.

Reena Gagneja
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