The True Infinite Nature Of All

We are living at a time of massive changes on the collective, worldly level.  If we are to make our contributions not only to the world but to our own individual evolution, we must become conscious.  Ultimately I believe each of us will be led onto our own awakening / self-realization journey, for eventually truth leads back to itself.  It depends for most of us, on when we have had enough of suffering.  Everything returns to its source, like a baby reaching for its mother.  This can happen in this life or many lifetimes down the road.  Until we align with the truth of our being as not ego but rather our God-consciousness, we will continue on the apparent wheel of birth and death. 

We seek so very hard and long to get possessions, relationships, money, success, approval, experiences, entertainment and even spiritual attainment, yet we ignore our true Self, our true nature / essence, and it is this that in the end can provide us with what we’re seeking so hard for.  The ego is always keeping us mired in suffering, simply put.  Spiritual awakening always occurs in one quick moment, for there is only this Now moment, however to abide in the true, awakened state is the ongoing spiritual practice and a lifelong journey.  In my personal experience, this journey has awakening milestones, where we suffer then transcend the pain, and if we desire to really know who we are at our very core, we then find the ‘unalloyed’ state of bliss, oneness, truth and God.  

As for my own awakening journey,  a spiritual awakening happened in 2007 before I even knew this term.  It was a shift at core level and the person who I had been up to that point was seen as a phantom, so to speak.  I got to also understand what the dark night of the soul experience was, and much emotional healing took place of long-held pain.  Unseen energy started to be felt and sensed, and all manner of spiritual experiences began occurring.  Along the way after that point, I was drawn to many teachings and teachers including Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Anandamayi Ma, Osho, and others.  The path of ‘ego-death’ is not an easy one, there comes a time when our soul, our divinity, will not be kept hidden anymore, and we are called to surrender the ego on and on for the rest of our lives.  When ego-dissolution occurs the first time there is no turning back after that.

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