Re-Discovering Our Conscious, Infinite Nature

We are living at a time of massive changes on the collective, worldly level.  If we are to make our contributions not only to the world but to our own individual evolution, we must become conscious.  Ultimately I believe the evolutionary path leads us all onto our own self-realization journey, for eventually truth leads back to itself.  Everything returns to its source, like a baby reaching for its mother.      

We seek so very hard and long to get possessions, relationships, money, success, approval, experiences, entertainment and even spiritual attainment, yet we ignore our own Self, that can provide us with what we’re seeking so hard for.  You really are the one you’ve been seeking, as I am the one I have been seeking.  The time is now to wake up to our truth, both on a worldly level but more importantly, on the absolute, existential level of who we really are in essence, at our core.      

On this self-realization or enlightenment path, we can come to see that we are simply awareness being aware of experience.  There is no truth simpler, more profound or truer.  There is no peace more peaceful.  This is where we find experience of God.  We find that this amazing God is permanent, unchanging, omniscient, eternal, infinite and all-pervading and this is who we are, which we can come to experience through our amazing awareness.  Through our awareness we are truly seeing through the eyes of God.  And there is no judgment, just love and acceptance.  Isn’t that just incredible. 

I see two trajectories we can be involved in.  One where we are involved in the dream of life where we are busy achieving goals and desires and where we are likely faced with many emotional and mental challenges; and the other, where we may (or may not in this life) enter onto the path of enlightenment in which we realize the ever-present awareness of our true, infinite, divine nature and where we find a place beyond goals and suffering.  Neither is more right or better than the other, I see both as being vital to ‘deal with’.  Yet the second is dealing with what is true, whilst the first deals with what is not true.  We heal what needs healing in the body-mind, then we transcend it.

reena gagnejaI see my own path as ultimately the latter (self-realization), yet I meander in the dream because I am not yet at the level where I don’t get identified with the wants and fears of the separate self.  Sometimes there is abiding in ‘being aware of being aware’ and at other times, I am identified with life’s challenges for the body-mind.  This plays out on this blog in that sometimes my words come from a place of resting in awareness of the real Self, and other times from being identified with the concerns of the body-mind.  And this, in my experience, shifts from moment to moment, and from sentence to sentence. My wish is to increase my own abidance in true nature.  It feels like there is a strong push of late towards this.  And the endeavour to fully realize God-Self is a life-long endeavour, going ever deeper and deeper into Self-understanding and Self-abidance.  

As for ‘my’ awakening journey, it’s been a long road since teenage years, leading to a spiritual awakening in 2007 when the path became a conscious one.  Along the way I’ve been drawn to these teachings and teachers: Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Anandamayi Ma, Osho, and others.  I’ve been engaged in several religions and the one that has provided most spiritual nourishment is the one I was born into, Hinduism.  Here are some of the milestones on this journey so far:

  • Spiritual awakening, ego detachment and body-mind dream collapse 2007
  • Dark night of the soul and intense emotional healing 2007
  • Direct experience of God 2007
  • Trained as a Spiritual Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Plan Practitioner 2007 – 2008, and working part-time with clients 2007 – Date
  • Woke up vegetarian 09/09/09
  • Out-of-body no-self experience during Ayahuasca, possibly bardo 2017

And all the while the main milestones being those moments when there was further and further sinking into awareness of being aware, or of what is.  Probably not noticeable by anyone else but to me it feels like I’ve played out my own awakening journey through the blog posts on this site, as I was called to write about the journey.

I invite you to contact me if you resonate with what you find here and if you wish to:

  • Undertake emotional healing work
  • Dialogue about your spiritual awakening journey to see where there may be stumbling blocks preventing your being able to experience your true Self
  • Improve specific life areas on a more practical (or non-spiritual) level

I offer sessions via Skype, Zoom or phone. I love working with clients and assisting if I can with finding their own freedom and furthering healing and awakening.  This is the work that I came here to do.  There is no other topic I love more than to talk about truth!

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BA (Hons), Dip Sp. Couns, H-hp Dip