For Awakening Souls

This site is for awakening souls everywhere.  You may be a sincere spiritual aspirant or new to the spiritual search, all are welcome. 

I blog as and when I can, sharing my own thoughts or useful information and knowledge to assist on the inner path.

I have been offering Soul Plan readings for over 10 years, and now also offer email Soul Plan Readings  for those who would like to receive a briefer soul plan reading by email without the need to book a session.

As for my own journey, around 2007, I experienced a deep inner awakening, which found a description in the words of non-duality / Advaita Vedanta, although ultimately all roads lead to the Rome of the one universal Reality or All-That-Is, that carries all religions and paths.

A small amount of content from my previous blog,, has been migrated over.  Apologies in advance for older posts you find with formatting issues, or links and imagery missing – these are due to some technical issues that were in the previous website and also a glitch during migration.  However the content is still (more or less) readable.

If you would like to submit some content of your own, please refer to the ‘Submit A Guest Post’ page.

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